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Belva Glue Down Cork Floor Tile - Yucca Mountain
Glue Down Cork Floor Tile - Yucca Mountain
58.12SF/box. $168/box, price including shipping(USA Shipping $75/ctn)
3-10 business days shipping to your door.Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Glue Down Cork Tiles - Yucca Mountain
  • 1/4" (6 mm) x 12" x 24" unfinished Glue Down Cork Tile
  • High quality cork flooring with 20 Years Warranty.
  • 3 Popular patterns for you to choose
  • 10 pcs per bundle; 3 bundles Per Box; 58.12sqft/box
  • Low Shipping Cost or Pickup at Richmond,BC warehouse
  • Unbelievable Price

Glue Down Cork Installation